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October wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

This post includes blogs, a storify and informed news & analysis by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Jennifer Power et al: Trust Me, I’m An Expert: a lawyer, a biblical scholar and a fact-checker walk into the same-sex marriage debate…The Conversation

Christopher Pollard: The philosopher who was too hot for Playboy, The Conversation

Andrew Jakubowicz :Here’s how Australia can act to target racist behaviour onlineThe Conversation

Blog Posts

Lucy Nicholas: The Benchmark Sociologist

Yarrow Andrew: Could I be an ally?

Raewyn Connell: Southern Theory

Deborah Lupton: The senses and digital health

James Arvanitakis: “It is ok to vote no” – Really?

James Arvanitakis: Cultures of Resilience

Kathleen Flanagan: Homelessness, Tasmania … and Airbnb

Michelle Peterie: Featured Member Profile – Michelle Peterie

Long term member David Rowe has retired: A Rite of Passage in the Life of Professor David Rowe

Cassie Curryer: Growing old without children: aged care’s sleeper issue

Lesley Pruitt: Music and Dance in Youth Peacebuilding (Sustainable Security)


Deborah Lupton: Digital Food Cultures Symposium