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October wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Journal Articles

Segrave, M., Forbes-Mewett, H. and Keel, C. (2017) Migration Review Tribunal decisions in student visa cancellation appeals: Sympathy, hardship and exceptional circumstances. Current Issues in Criminal Justice 29 (1).

Forbes-Mewett, H. and Wickes, R. (Accepted 15 August 2017) The neighbourhood context of crime against international students. Journal of Sociology.

Wilson Otengah, Erick Ater Onyango, Noah M.O Sanganyi, & Crispinous Iteyo(2017) Compelled By Conditions: Dynamics Surrounding Care Givers Verdicts In Alternative Family Care For Children In KenyaInternational Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies,Volume 4,No. 5(74-78)

Meenagh, J. (2017) Breaking up and hooking up: A young woman’s experience of “sexual empowerment” Feminism & Psychology, Online first, September 29,

Sophie Lewis, Fran Collyer, Karen Willis, Kirsten Harley, Kanchan Marcus, Michael Calnan, Jon Gabe (2017). Healthcare in the news media: The privileging of private over publicJournal of Sociology, Oct 6, 2017 | OnlineFirst

Andrew Hammond and Ruth Jeanes (2017). Federal Government Involvement in Australian Disability Sport, 1981–2015The International Journal of the History of Sport, Published online: 09 Oct 2017

Radford, D. ‘Space, place and identity: Intercultural encounters, affect and belonging in rural Australian spaces’Journal of Intercultural Studies, 38, 5, pp. 495-313, published online 3 October 2017.

Brosnan, C. (2017) ‘Alternative futures: fields, boundaries and divergent professionalisation strategies within the chiropractic profession’ Social Science & Medicine 190 (October): 83-91.

Nash, M., Davies, A., & Moore, R. (2017) What style of leadership do women in STEMM fields perform? Findings from an international surveyPLOS One

Wassan, MR, Hussain, Z, Shah, MA and Amin, SN. (2017). International labor migration and social change in rural Sindh, PakistanAsian and Pacific Migration Journal 26(3): 381-402.

Catherine Earl, Philip Taylor & Fabian Cannizzo (2017). “Regardless of Age”: Australian University Managers’ Attitudes and Practices Towards Older AcademicsWork, Ageing and Retirement

McGregor, J. (2017) Case management and post-release young peopleJournal of Applied Youth Studies, vol. 2 no. 2, 47-60.

Robinson, C. )2017) Highly vulnerable teens: A social justice imperativeJournal of Applied Youth Studies

Wassan, MR, Hussain, Z, Shah, MA and Amin, SN. (2017). International labor migration and social change in rural Sindh, PakistanAsian and Pacific Migration Journal 26(3): 381-402.

Stefanie Plage, Alexandra Gibson ,Matthew Burge &David Wyld (2017). Cancer on the margins: experiences of living with neuroendocrine tumoursHealth Sociology Review. Published online: 11 Oct 2017

Stahl G., Sharplin E., Kehrwald B. (2018) A Review of the Literature on Coaching in Pre-service Teacher Education. In: Real-Time Coaching and Pre-Service Teacher Education. Springer, Singapore. Online First, October 11

Ramia, Gaby; Patulny, Roger; Marston, Greg; Cassells, Kyla (2017) “The Relationship between Governance Networks and Social Networks: Progress, Problems and Prospect” Political Studies Review, Published Online: Oct 9, 2017.  DOI: 10.1177/1478929917713952

Mills, Kathy A., Bellocchi, Alberto, Patulny, Roger, & Dooley, Jane (2017) Indigenous children’s multimodal communication of emotions through visual imageryAustralian Journal of Language and Literacy40(2), pp. 95-108.

Vincent, Eve, Butler, Rose and Ho, Christina 2017. “They try to avoid”: How do parents’ feelings about race and class difference shape school communities in a gentrifying area of inner Sydney, Australia? Emotion, Space and Society, 25: 29-46.​

Jordan McKenzie (2017). Is there such a thing as happiness in the present? Happiness and temporalityJournal of Classic Sociology. Published online: 19 Oct 2017

Kerry, S.C. (2017). Australian Queer Science Fiction Fans. Journal of Homosexuality DOI:

Connor, J., Copland, S., & Owen, J. (2017) “The infantilized researcher and research subject: ethics, consent and risk.” Qualitative Research 1-16

Wassan, MR, Hussain, Z, Shah, MA and Amin, SN. (2017). International labor migration and social change in rural Sindh, Pakistan. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal 26(3): 381-402.

Book Reviews

Review by Mike Dee for Policy Press of: Youth Marginality in Britain: Contemporary Studies of Austerity, by Shane Blackman (Editor), Ruth Rogers (Editor)