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May wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Amanda Wise, Kristine Aquino & colleagues (April 30, 2018). Pushing casual sport to the margins threatens cities’ social cohesionThe Conversation

Donna Bridges & Ben Wadham (April 23, 2018). Media reporting on women in the military is preserving a male dominated cultureThe Conversation. 

Marcus Maloney, ‘Jordan Peterson: The battle for the hearts and minds of young men‘, Mojo News

Andrew Butt, Andrew Fisher & Shakira Hussein, ‘Can meat exports be made humane? Here are three key strategies‘. The Conversation

Crystal Abidin, ‘Layers of Identity: How to be “real” when everyone is watching’. Real Life

Joshua Roose, ‘How Indonesia is dealing with the new threat posed by returning Islamic State fighters‘. The Conversation

Ramon Spaaij & Ruth Jeanes, ‘Practical steps to supporting diversity in junior sport‘. Play by the Rules.

Dan Woodman, ‘Nice work, if you can get it‘. The Australian

Randa Abdel-Fattah, ‘Weddings, Gaza and Losing Faith‘. Q & A, Monday May 21


Fran Collyer. ‘Sociologist of the Month‘, Current Sociology

Fabian Cannizzo, ‘Learning at a Scholarly Pace: On the Socialised Temporalities of Academic Work‘. Cultural Sociology.

Anoushka Benbow, ‘Dial ‘M’ for Menulog – Marketised Solutions, Intersections of Inequality and the Outsourcing of Domestic Labour

Crystal Abidin, ‘Keynote video: Cultures of Internet Celebrity on YouTube

Crystal Abidin, ‘Internet celebrity and Influencer cultures‘. ABC Radio Melbourne

Alan Scott, ‘Stop the Jargon

Alan Scott, ‘Research Waste

Ashleigh Watson, ‘Reviewing Sociological Fiction‘, The Sociological Review

James Arvanitakis, ‘Civics and citizenship education: promoting the future of Australian Democracy?

Timothy Graham, ‘Unsocial media‘. Policy Forum.

Penelope Bergen, ‘Where Sociologists Work‘. TASAweb

Denejkina A. (24 May 2018) Stop centring Western academic ethics: deidentification in social science researchResearch Ethics Monthly.

Christopher Mayes, ‘The Politics of Fat: Restraint and the Good Life‘, ABC Religion & Ethics

Deborah Lupton, ‘Fat 2nd edition now published‘. This Sociological Life

Deborah Lupton, ‘Using feminist materialism to analyse app use‘. This Sociological Life


Kay Cook, ‘Government urged to review welfare cuts as child poverty increases in Australia‘. ABC Radio National, Breakfast with Fran Kelly

Nicholas Hookway, ‘The good, the bad and the history of Australia’s obsession with sport‘. ABC Hobart

John Scott, ‘Male Escorting- A Sociological Study‘.

Nicholas Hookway, ‘The rise of the barbershop, masculinity and hipster culture‘, ABC Hobart with Helen Sheilds (from 6:30 minutes)

Crystal Abidin, ‘Influencers, youth cultures online, the place of platforms and traditional media‘. The Human Show. WorldPodcasts

Nicholas Hookway, ‘How neighbouring changes when communities do.’ ABC Hobart with Lucille Cutting


Keynote + Panel recording

Crystal Abidin, ‘Cultures of Internet Celebrity on YouTube

Crystal Abidin, ‘Brand Experience through New Media: Youtube influencers and social media celebrities, panel‘.

Keynote Panel Recording

Crystal Abidin,’The Next Generation‘.

Penelope Bergen & Anne Stephens, ‘Where Sociologists Work‘. TASAweb