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December wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Journal Articles

Jennifer Laurence, David McCallum, ‘On Innocence Lost: How Children Are Made Dangerous‘, International Journal of Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, vol 7, no. 4 (2018) pp. 148-164

Boese, M., Moran, A. and Mallman, M., 2018. Multi-local settlement mobilities. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, pp.1-19. Published online first

Taylor, N., & Sutton, Z. (2018). For an Emancipatory Animal SociologyJournal of Sociology.

Liam Magee, Emma Kearney, Delphine Bellerose, Philippa Collin, Louise Crabtree, Justine Humphry, Paul James, Tanya Notley, Anjali Sharma, Amanda Third & Samantha Yorke (2018) Addressing a volatile subject: adaptive measurement of Australian digital capacitiesInformation, Communication & Society.

Narayanan, Yamini and Sumanth Bindumadhav. 2018. ‘Posthuman cosmopolitanism’ for the Anthropocene in India: urbanism and human-snake relations in the Kali YugaGeoforum.

Narayanan, Y. 2018. Animal ethics and Hinduism’s milking, mothering legends: analysing Krishna the butter thief and the Ocean of MilkSophia: International Journal of Philosophy and Traditions. 57 (1), 133-149.

Narayanan, Yamini. 2018. ‘Cow protection’ as ‘casteised speciesism’: sacralisation, commercialisation and politicisationSouth Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies. 41(2), 331-351.

Koerner, Catherine & Putro, Widodo Dwi (2017) The socio-legal construction of Ahmadiyah as a religious minority by local and national government policy: Restrictions before the law, a challenge for Religious freedom in NTB, Indonesia, International Journal of Indonesian Studies (4) pp14-30.

Koerner, Catherine (2015) White Australian identities and Indigenous land rights, Social IdentitiesJournal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture 21(2) pp87-101

Koerner, Catherine (2013), Learning the past to participate in the future: Regional discourses of Australian Colonial historyInternational Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies, Vol 6, No2, pp 1-12

Kristin Natalier, Kay Cook & (2018) Single Mothers’ Post-Separation Provisioning: Child Support and the Governance of GenderSociology. Article first published online: December 10, 2018.

Alan Morris (2018) ‘Communicide’: The destruction of a vibrant public housing community in inner Sydney through a forced displacementJournal of Sociology. First Published December 7, 2018.

Sarah Callahan & Lucy Nichols (2018) Dragon wings and butterfly wings: implicit gender binarism in early childhoodTaylor & Francis. First Published online: 05 Dec 2018.

Robyn Smith, Ramon Spaaij & Brent McDonald (2018) Migrant Integration and Cultural Capital in the Context of Sport and Physical Activity: a Systematic ReviewJournal of International Migration and Integration. 

Cantillon, Zelmarie and Baker, Sarah, 2018, ‘DIY Heritage Institutions as Third Places: Caring, Community and Wellbeing Among Volunteers at the Australian Jazz Museum‘, Leisure Sciences.

Vaughan Higgins & Carol Richards (2018) Framing sustainability: alternative standards schemes for sustainable palm oil and South-South tradeJournal of Rural Studies.

Jones, Paul K. (2018). Insights from the infamous: Recovering the social-theoretical first phase of populism studiesEuropean Journal of Social Theory, online first.

Keith Heggart, Rick Flowers, Nina Burridge, James Arvanitakis (2018) Refreshing critical pedagogy and citizenship education through the lens of justice and complexity pedagogyGlobal Studies of Childhood.

Searle, T. L. , Mulholland, M. (2018). Systems, Self, and Sovereignty: Non-Indigenous Practitioners Negotiate Whiteness in Aboriginal Partnerships. The International Indigenous Policy Journal, 9(1) . Retrieved from: 10.18584/iipj.2018.9.1.5

Yolande Strengers (2018) Robotic vacuum cleaners save energy? Raising cleanliness conventions and energy demand in Australian households with smart home technologiesEnergy Research & Social Science. Please note: there is free access to this article through to 23 January, 2019 via this link.

L. Sleep (2018) “Entrapment and institutional collusion: domestic violence police reports and the ‘couple rule’ in social security law”Alternative Law Journal (doi 10.1177/1037969X18796900).

Heggart, K., Flowers, R., Burridge, N., & Arvanitakis, J. (2018). Refreshing critical pedagogy and citizenship education through the lens of justice and complexity pedagogyGlobal Studies of Childhood8(4), 355-367.

Spina, N. (2018). ‘Once upon a time’: examining ability grouping and differentiation practices in cultures of evidence-based decision-makingCambridge Journal of Education, doi: 10.1080/0305764X.2018.1533525

Dobson, A.S. & Kanai, A. (e-First Nov 2018).  From “can-do” girls to insecure and frustrated: Affective dissonances in young women’s post-recessional mediaFeminist Media Studies.

Mowat, H., Dobson, A.S., McDonald, K., & Kirkman, M. (e-First Nov 2018). “For Myself and Others Like Me”: Women’s Contributions to Vulva-Positive Social Media.  Feminist Media Studies. 

Pennay A, Callinan S, Livingston M, Lubman D, Holmes J, MacLean S, Herring R, Dietze P. (2018) Patterns in Reduction or Cessation of Drinking in Australia (2001-2013) and Motivation for ChangeAlcohol and Alcoholism, DOI: 10.1093/alcalc/agy07

Rose, J., Low-Choy, S., Singh, P. & Vasco, D. (2018) NAPLAN Discourses: A systematic review after the first decadeDiscourse, Studies in Cultural Politics of Education. 

Martinussen, Maree (2018) Reason, Season, or Life? Heterorelationality and the Limits of Intimacy between Women FriendsSociological Research OnlineArticle first published online: December 12, 2018.

Rochelle R Côté, Xianbi Huang, Yangtao Huang & Mark Western (2018) Immigrant network diversity in the land of the fair goJournal of Sociology. Article first published online: December 12, 2018.

Sophie Lewis, Fran Collyer, Karen Willis, Kirsten Harley, Kanchan Marcus, Michael Calnan & Jon Gabe (2018) Healthcare in the news media: The privileging of private over publicJournal of Sociology. 

Rose, J. & Hewitt, B. (2018). Does Part-time Employment Status Really Reduce Time Pressure? Journal of Sociology.  

Alexandra Caruso & Steven Roberts (2018) Exploring constructions of masculinity on a men’s body-positivity blogJournal of Sociology. 

Theresa Petray & Nick Pendergrast (2018). Challenging power and creating alternatives: Integrationist, anti-systemic and non-hegemonic approaches in Australian socialmovementsJournal of Sociology.

Tang, Shawna & Quah, Sharon Ee Ling. (2017) Heteronormativity and sexuality politics in Singapore: the female-headed households of divorced and lesbian mothers.Journal of Sociology. 

Nik Taylor, Zoei Sutton & Rhoda Wilkie (2018) A sociology of multi-species relationsJournal of Sociology. 

Helen Forbes-Mewett & Rebecca Wickes (2018) The neighbourhood context of crime against international studentsJournal of Sociology. 

Cary Bennett (2018) Drugs, moral panics and the dispositiveJournal of Sociology. 

Sarah Redshaw & Valerie Ingham (2018) ‘Neighbourhood is if they come out and talk to you’: Neighbourly connections and bonding social capitalJournal of Sociology. 

Laetitia Coles, Belinda Hewitt & Bill Martin (2018) Contemporary fatherhood: Social, demographic and attitudinal factors associated with involved fathering and long work hoursJournal of Sociology. 


Boese, M., van Kooy, J. and Bowman, D., 2018. Humanitarian migrants, work and economic security on the urban fringe: how policies and perceptions shape opportunities, Fitzroy: Brotherhood of St Laurence.

El-Murr, Alissar (2018). Intimate Partner Violence in Australian Refugee Communities: Scoping review of issues and service responses. CFCA Paper No. 50. Melbourne: Australian institute of Family Studies.

Robinson, C (2018) Outside in: How the youth sector supports the school re-engagement of vulnerable children in Tasmania, Hobart, Anglicare Tasmania.