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Spotlighting sociologists for hire: Christian Mauri

Recently, TASA created a ‘Sociologists Looking for Work‘ registry, to help connect members looking for work with people looking to hire tutors, research assistants, consultants, and more. We will be doing regular spotlights on sociologists looking for work. This post is part of that spotlight series…

Christian Mauri’s research deals with the employment and work situations of sessional academics, and has been published in the Journal of Time and Society, and in the soon to be released edited collections, “The Postdoc Landscape” and “The Social Structures of Global Academia”. Christian has years of experience in both the disability sector and in higher education, and has taught in a variety of fields at different levels. He was the 2017 recipient of Murdoch University’s Early Career and Teaching Excellence citation.

Christian’s area of expertise also includes comparative sociology, critical disability studies, education, knowledge, occupations and professions, organization, precarity and the precariat, social class and social stratification, social theory, teaching sociology and work. Christian is looking for work in both teaching (online/face-to-face tutorials, seminars, lectures) and online marking and research assistance (qualitative).

You can contact Christian Mauri by email.