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January wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Rachel Busbridge & Mark Chou (January 16, 2019) Forcing Australia Day citizenship ceremonies on councils won’t make the issue go awayThe Conversation.

Helen Forbes-Mewett (January 15, 2019) was on SBS news on Tuesday, described as a sociologist, commenting on international student mental health following a coroners report that had drawn on Helen’s work.  To view, click here and sign in to SBS on Demand (Helen is on from 18:11).

Christopher Mayes (January 11, 2019) Cultivating a nation: why the mythos of the Australian farmer is problematicThe Conversation. 

Rachel Busbridge (January 7, 2019) The far-right may think they own ‘nationalism’, but we can reclaim it as a force for goodThe Conversation. 

Brendan Churchill (January 23, 2019) Australia can do more to attract and keep women in parliament – here are some ideasThe Conversation.

Peter Walters (January 31, 2019) Why outer suburbs lack inner city’s ‘third places’: a partial defence of the hipsterThe Conversation. 

Blog Posts

Annetta Mellon (January 7, 2019) Death Literacy Intros – let’s talk about death without euphemisms. No, really.

Annetta Mellon (January 12, 2019) Death Literacy Intros: how death literacy literally saves you money and time!

Sherene Idriss (January 21, 2019) The presentation of (ECR) self in higher education: insecurities, impression management and book deals by Sherene IdrissTASA Youth.

Anoushka Benbow (January 20, 2109) Fiction: Smiling Gives You WrinklesThe Sociological Review.


Shanthi Robertson (January 27, 2019) How are young Australians affected by gap years?2ser 107.3