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March wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Jessica Richards, Eric Anderson & Keith D. Parry (1 March, 2019)Rugby league may finally have reached its tipping point on player behaviour and violence. The Conversation. 

Stewart Lockie (1 March, 2019) People and issues outside our big cities are diverse, but these priorities stand outThe Conversation. 

Na’ama Carlin (March 18, 2019) What I learned from my year of having no thingsSBS Life.

Sophie Lewis, Karen Willis and Rebecca Olson (March 15, 2019) If you’ve got private health insurance, the choice to use it in a public hospital is your ownThe Conversation. 

Philippa Collin (March 14, 2019) Young voters may hold the key to the NSW state election: here’s whyThe Conversation. 

Na’ama Carlin (February 6, 2019) Ill-Met By GaslightMeanjin. 

Na’ama Carlin (February 6, 2019) Don’t sit and watch antisemitism risingEureka Street. 

Bousfield, K. (2019). Aussie parents are under pressure to buy their kids academic advantage tooThe Conversation, March 25, 2019.

Joshua Roose (March 21, 2019) What do we do when the terrorist is “one of us”? (and other hard questions in the aftermath of the Christchurch shooting) ABC Religion and Ethics


Peter Walters (28 February, 2019) Creating community in the suburbsABC Radio National, Life Matters.

Nicholas Hookway ( 8 February, 2019) Why are we decluttering like never before? ABC Radio, Hobart.

Joshua Roose (March 20, 2019) What does the Christchurch shooting demand of us? ABC The Minefield. (from the 14:57 minute mark)


Ashleigh Watson (14 March, 2019) Creative Sociology and So Fi Zine

Gavin Smith (4 March, 2019) Red-bellied black snake an unwanted soccer recruit during Canberra’s busy snake seasonRiotAct.

Scott Poynting (March 18, 2019) ‘Terrorism has No Religion’. Criminology Collective,  subsequently published in Counter Punch.

Alan Scott (March 2019) A Responsibility of the Sociologist.

Deborah Lupton (March 25, 2019)Vitalities Lab Newsletter Number 1This Sociological Life.)) 

Kerryn Drysdale (March 25, 2019) Kerryn Drysdale: Championing collective responses in the intersection of health promotion and harm reduction for gay and bisexual men who use crystal methamphetamineCultural Studies Association of Australasia.

Lana Tatour and Na’ama (March 21, 2019) Carlin Solidarity is not enough – white people need to take responsibility for white supremacyOverland. 

Deborah Lupton (March 21, 2019) Ten tips for increasing your academic visibility. This Sociological Life.

Archana Voola (March 21, 2019) A rose is a rose by any name?