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May wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Working Papers

BERKA, A., MACARTHUR, J., MATTHEWMAN, S., POLETTI, S., and BARGH, M. (2018) ‘Policy Strategies for Inclusive Renewable Energy in Aotearoa (New Zealand)’, Policy Commons Blog, Public Policy Institute Te Whare Marea Tātari Kaupapa, University of Auckland, December 6,

Journal Articles

Ravn, S., Barnwell, A., & Barbosa Neves, B. (2019). What Is “Publicly Available Data”? Exploring Blurred Public–Private Boundaries and Ethical Practices Through a Case Study on Instagram. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics

MacLean, S., Maltzahn, K., Thomas, D., Atkinson, A., & Whiteside, M. (2019). Gambling in Two Regional Australian Aboriginal Communities: A Social Practice Analysis. Journal of Gambling Studies.

Barnwell, A. (2019). Family Secrets and the Slow Violence of Social Stigma. Sociology

Ramón Spaaij, Annelies Knoppers & Ruth Jeanes (2019).  “We want more diversity but…”: Resisting diversity in recreational sports clubsScience Direct. 

Nilan, P. (2019) Indonesian Youth, Global Environmentalism and Transnational Mining. Youth and Globalization 1(1): 166-186

Bellocchi, A., Davis, J.P., Olson, R.E., & Appanna, S.D. (2019). Understanding social bonds during science inquiry using V-Note software. Cultural Studies of Science Education. Advanced online publication.

Egan, S. (2019). Excavating feminist knowledges and practices in the field of sexual assault service provision: An Australian case study.Women’s Studies International Forum, 74, 169-178. doi: Note, the link gives free access to the article for a limited time.

Meave Noonan & Peter Kelly (2019) Young people and the gendered and aesthetic dimensions of ‘enterprise’: stories from a ‘Rust Belt’ city, Journal of Youth Studies, DOI: 10.1080/13676261.2019.1620927

Pienaar, K. Petersen, A. & Bowman, D. (2019). Matters of fact and politics: Generating expectations of cancer screening. Social Science & Medicine, early online:

Bridges, D., and Wadham, B. (2019). Gender under fire: portrayals of military women in the Australian print media. Feminist Media Studies.

Jenkins, S., Bamberry, L., Bridges, D. & Krivokapic-skoko, B. (2019). Skills for women tradies in regional Australia: A global future. International Journal of Training Research.

Peterie, M., Ramia, G., Marston, G., Patulny, R. (2019). Emotional Compliance and Emotion as Resistance: Shame and Anger among the Long-Term Unemployed. Work, Employment and Society

Anthony Moran and Mark Mallman (2019) “Social Cohesion in Rural Australia: Framework for conformity of social justice?“, Australian Journal of Social Issues, DOI: 10.1002/ajs4.65,

Petersen, A., Tanner, C., & Munsie, M. (2019). Citizens’ use of digital media to connect with health care: Socio-ethical and regulatory implications. Health

Flore, J., Kokanović, R., Callard, F., Broom, A. and Duff, C. (2019). Unravelling subjectivity, embodied experience and (taking) psychotropic medication.Social Science & Medicine. 230 (2019) 66–73. DOI: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2019.04.004

Peterie, M. (2019). Technologies of control: Asylum seeker and volunteer experiences in Australian immigration detention facilities. Journal of Sociology55(2), 181–198.

Côté, R. R., Huang, X., Huang, Y., & Western, M. (2019). Immigrant network diversity in the land of the fair go. Journal of Sociology55(2), 199–218.

Robertson, S. (2019). Status-making: Rethinking migrant categorization. Journal of Sociology55(2), 219–233.

Colic-Peisker, V., & Deng, L. (2019). Chinese business migrants in Australia: Middle-class transnationalism and ‘dual embeddedness.’ Journal of Sociology55(2), 234–251.

Morris, A. (2019). ‘Communicide’: The destruction of a vibrant public housing community in inner Sydney through a forced displacement. Journal of Sociology55(2), 270–289.

Hughes, M. (2019). The social and cultural role of food for Myanmar refugees in regional Australia: Making place and building networks. Journal of Sociology55(2), 290–305.

Farrugia, D., Hanley, J., Sherval, M., Askland, H., Askew, M., Coffey, J., & Threadgold, S. (2019). The local politics of rural land use: Place, extraction industries and narratives of contemporary rurality. Journal of Sociology55(2), 306–322.

Perales, F., & Bouma, G. (2019). Religion, religiosity and patriarchal gender beliefs: Understanding the Australian experience. Journal of Sociology55(2), 323–341.

Rose, J., & Hewitt, B. (2019). Does part-time employment status really reduce time pressure? Journal of Sociology55(2), 366–388.

Chesters, J., Smith, J., Cuervo, H., Laughland-Booÿ, J., Wyn, J., Skrbiš, Z., & Woodman, D. (2019). Young adulthood in uncertain times: The association between sense of personal control and employment, education, personal relationships and health. Journal of Sociology55(2), 389–408.

Reid, C. (2019). Book Review: Pam Nilan, Muslim Youth in the Diaspora: Challenging Extremism through Popular Culture. Journal of Sociology55(2), 409–411.

Olson, R. E. (2019). Book Review: Amy Chandler, Self-injury, Medicine and Society: Authentic Bodies. Journal of Sociology55(2), 413–415.

Brownlee, P. (2019). Book Review: Tom Barnes, Making Cars in the New India: Industry, Precarity and Informality. Journal of Sociology55(2), 415–416.

Lupton, D. (2019). ‘I’d like to think you could trust the government, but I don’t really think we can’: Australian women’s attitudes to and experiences of My Health Record. DIGITAL HEALTH

Fabian Cannizzo, Christian Mauri & Nick Osbaldiston (2019) Moral barriers between work/Life balance policy and practice in academia, Journal of Cultural Economy, DOI: 10.1080/17530350.2019.1605400

Forbes-Mewett, H. and Pape, M. (2019).  “Social Capital and the US College Experiences of International Student-Athletes and Non-Athletes”. Journal of International Students. Online first

Robin Howard, Priscilla Dunk-West & Kristin Natalier (2019) Relationship Separation and Help-seeking: Reporting on an Agency Study, Australian Social Work, DOI: 10.1080/0312407X.2019.1599404

Patulny, R, Ramia, G, Feng, Z, Peterie, M, Marston, G (2019). ‘The strong, the weak and the meaningful: do friends or acquaintances help us get ‘any’ job, or ‘meaningful’ work?’ International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Online First, (Q2: SJR .30) DOI:

Cameron Parsell, Lynda Cheshire, Zoe Walter & Andrew Clarke (2019) Social housing after neo-liberalism: new forms of state-driven welfare intervention toward social renters, Housing Studies, DOI: 10.1080/02673037.2018.1563673

Andrea Waling, Anthony Lyons, Beatrice Alba, Victor Minichiello, Catherine Barrett , Mark Hughes, Karen Fredriksen‐Goldsen & Samantha Edmonds (2019) Experiences and perceptions of residential and home care services among older lesbian women and gay men in AustraliaHealth and Social Care in the Community. 

Alba, Beatrice., Lyons, Anthony., Waling, Andrea., Minichiello, Victor., Hughes, Mark., Barrett, Catherine., Fredriksen-Goldsen, Karen., Blanchard, Michelle., & Irlam, Corey. (2019). “Demographic and psychosocial predictors of housing security in older lesbian and gay Australians” The International Journal of Aging and Human Development. doi:10.1177/0091415019843449.

Lupton, D. (2019). ‘It’s made me a lot more aware’: a new materialist analysis of health self-tracking. Media International Australia