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June wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Journal Articles

Amy Claire Thomas, (2019) “History of Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory: People, Programs, Policies”, History of Education Review, Vol. 48 Issue: 1, pp.124-125, https://

Amy Claire Thomas, (2019), ‘Federal election 2019: What the hell just happened? Five arguments’, Overland, online,

Mackey-Smith, Kerrie. “Teaching for Reconciliation in a Multiracial Classroom.” Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, The 42.2 (2019): 103-15.

Bunn, M., Threadgold, S., & Burke, P. J. (2019). Class in Australian higher education: The university as a site of social reproduction. Journal of Sociology

Barbara Barbosa Neves, Alexandra Sanders & Renata Kokanović (2019) “It’s the worst bloody feeling in the world”: Experiences of loneliness and social isolation among older people living in care homes. Journal of Aging Studies. 

Gilbert, A. S., Antoniades, J., & Brijnath, B. (2019) ‘The symbolic mediation of patient trust: Transnational health-seeking among Indian-Australians’, Social Science & Medicine

Rebecca Olive, Gary Osmond & Murray G. Phillips (2019) Sisterhood, pleasure and marching: Indigenous women and leisure, Annals of Leisure Research, DOI: 10.1080/11745398.2019.1624181

Gbenga Emmanuel Afolayan (2019) Hausa-Fulani women’s movement and womanhood, Agenda, DOI: 10.1080/10130950.2019.1609786

Ashley Barnwell (2019) Given it is all so remote from us’: family secrets, ancestral shames and the proximities of emotion, Emotions and Society,;jsessionid=6bblgpt2n1lq9.x-ic-live-03#Refs

Theresa Petray, Tanya Doyle, Elise Howard, Rhian Morgan, Ryl Harrison (2019) Re-engineering the “leaky pipeline” metaphor: diversifying the pool by teaching stem “by stealth”International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology. 

Simpson Reeves, L., Parsell, C., & Liu, S. (2019). Towards a phenomenology of poverty: Defining poverty through the lived experiences of the ‘poor.’ Journal of Sociology.

Cook, J., & Cuervo, H. (2019). Agency, futurity and representation: Conceptualising hope in recent sociological workThe Sociological Review.

Joanne Bryant, Jake Rance, Peter Hull, Limin Mao, Carla Treloar (2019) Making sense of ‘side effects’: Counterpublic health in the era of direct-acting antiviralsInternational Journal of Drug Policy. 

Lazuardi, E., Newman, C.E., Anintya, I., Rowe, E., Wirawan, D.N., Wisaksana, R., Subronto, Y.W., Kaldor, J., Kusmayanti, N.A., Iskandar, S., Bell, S. (2019) Understanding the Social Influences on Engaging Key Populations With HIV Prevention: A Qualitative Study With Men Who Have Sex With Men in Three Indonesian Cities. AIDS Education and Prevention, 31(3), 206–223.

Holt, M., Newman, C.E., Lancaster, L, Smith, A.K., Hughes, S. and Truong, H.-H.M. (2019) HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis and the ‘problems’ of reduced condom use and sexually transmitted infections in Australia: a critical analysis from an evidence-making intervention perspective. Published online in Sociology of Health and Illness on 15 May 2019.

Persson, A., Newman, CE., Rasmussen, M.L., Marshall, D., Cover, R., Aggleton, P. (2019) Queerying notions of “difference” among two generations of Australians who do not identify heteronormatively. Published online in Sexuality and Culture on 24 June 2019.

After a hiatus of several years, Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Journal is re-emerging. Two TASA members have papers in the inaugural issue:

  1. Deirdre Howard-Wagner (2019) Indigenous policy formation in the neoliberal age? Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Journal.
  2. Koerner, C. (2019). Ever widening circles of compassion. CRAWS. June:

Zelmarie Cantillon (2019) Urban heritage walks in a rapidly changing city: tensions between preservation and development on the Gold Coast, Australia, Journal of Heritage Tourism, DOI: 10.1080/1743873X.2019.1618315

Briant, E., Doherty, C., Dooley, K., & English, R.. (2019). “In fateful moments: The appeal of parent testimonials when selling private tutoring.” Pedagogy, Culture & Society. DOI: 10.1080/14681366.2019.1629993

Tinkler, J., & Bousfield, K. (2019). Disengaged or disillusioned. Ethos: Journal of Social Education Victoria, 27(2), 20-23.

Franklin, A., Barbosa Neves, B., Hookway, N., Patulny, R., Tranter, B., & Jaworski, K. (2019). Towards an understanding of loneliness among Australian men: Gender cultures, embodied expression and the social bases of belonging. Journal of Sociology, 55(1), 124–143.

Naidoo, Yuvisthi (2019), ‘A Multi-Dimensional Individual Well-being Indicator Framework – with an application to Older Australians’, Social Indicators Research, DOI: 10.1007/s11205-019-02132-w

Saunders, Peter, Brown, Jude, Bedford, Megan and Naidoo, Yuvisthi (2019), ‘Child Deprivation in Australia: A Child-focused Approach’, Australian Journal of Social Issues , vol. 54, 4 – 21, DOI: 1002/ajs4.61


Fisher, C. M., Waling, A., Kerr, L., Bellamy, R., Ezer, P., Mikolajczak, G., Brown, G., Carman, M. & Lucke, J. 2019. 6th National Survey of Australian Secondary Students and Sexual Health 2018(ARCSHS Monograph Series No. 113), Bundoora: Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society, La Trobe University.

This report presents the findings of the National Survey of Australian Secondary Students and Sexual Health 2018 , the 6th iteration of the survey. The findings highlight the knowledge, behaviours, and education young people in Australia have about their sexual health and sexual health practices.