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July wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Journal Special Issues

Petersen, A., Tanner. C., & Munsie, M. (2019) Special Issue: Citizens’ use of digital media to connect with healthcareHealth.

Journal Articles

Ravn, S. (2019). Imagining futures, imagining selves: A narrative approach to ‘risk’ in young men’s livesCurrent Sociology.

Petersen, A., Tanner. C., & Munsie, M. (2019) Citizens’ use of digital media to connect with health care: Socio-ethical and regulatory implicationsHealth, 23 (4), 367–384.

Petersen, A., Schermuly, A. C., & Anderson, A. (2019). The shifting politics of patient activism: From bio-sociality to bio-digital citizenshipHealth, 23(4), 478–494.

Matt Wade, ‘Risky disciplining: On interdisciplinarity between sociology and cognitive neuroscience in governing morality’, European Journal of Social Theory, online first:

Stahl, G., & McDonald, S.(2019). Social Capital and self-crafting: Comparing two case studies of first-in-family males navigating elite Australian universities. International Journal of Inclusive Education.

Alan Morris (2019) House prices plummet in Sydney: the financialisation
of housing comes unstuck
Housing Finance International. p. 19.

Moore, Robyn (2019) Whiteness=politeness: interest-convergence in Australian history textbooks, 1950-2010Critical Discourse Studies.

PETERIE, Michelle, Gaby RAMIA, Greg MARSTON and Roger PATULNY (2019) ‘Social Isolation as Stigma-Management: Explaining Long-Term Unemployed People’s “Failure” to Network’. Sociology. DOI: 10.1177/0038038519856813:

PETERIE, Michelle, Gaby RAMIA, Greg MARSTON and Roger PATULNY (2019) ‘Emotional Compliance and Emotion as Resistance: Shame and Anger among the Long-Term Unemployed’. Work, Employment and Society. DOI: 10.1177/0950017019845775:

PATULNY, Roger, Gaby RAMIA, Zhuqin FENG, Michelle PETERIE and Greg MARSTON (2019). ‘The Strong, The Weak and The Meaningful: Do Friends or Acquaintances Help Us Get ‘Any’ Job, or ‘Meaningful’ Work?’ International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy. DOI: IJSSP-11-2018-0193:

Baird, R. (2018). ‘Like now I’m confused’ the blurred boundary between art and crime: Devaluing the cultural worth of graffiti writingJournal of Applied Youth Studies2(5), 41.

Wong, K. & Dobson, A. (2019). We’re just data: Exploring China’s social credit system in relation to digital platform ratings cultures in Westernised democracies. Global Media and China, 4(2).

Steven Threadgold (2019) Figures of youth: on the very object of Youth StudiesJournal of Youth Studies. 

Andrew Clarke, Cameron Parsell, Margarita Vorsina (2019) The role of housing policy in perpetuating conditional forms of homelessness support in the era of housing first: Evidence from AustraliaHousing Studies. 

James Meese, Punit Jagasia, & James Arvanatakis (30 June, 2019) Citizen or consumer? Contrasting Australia and Europe’s data protection policies. Internet Policy Review.


Sandy, L., Meenagh.J, & Nes-Iadicola, P. (2019) Transitioning programs for sex workers: Evidence review report. Melbourne: RMIT University.

Sandy, L., Meenagh, J., & Nes-Iadicola, P. (2019). Transitioning programs for sex workers: An exploration of promising practice. Technical and background paper. Melbourne: RMIT University

Both reports are available here.

Research Digests

Forbes-Mewett, H. (2019) ‘Mental health and international students: Issues, challenges and effective practice’, Research digest 15, International Education Association of Australia (IEAA). Available from: