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August wrap-up: articles/papers/reports/reviews by TASA members

Journal Articles

Curryer C. (2019) ‘Supportive Housing’. In: Gu D., Dupre M. (eds) Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging. Springer, Cham.

Greg Marston, Juan Zhang, Michelle Peterie, Gaby Ramia, Roger Patulny & Emma Cooke (2019) To move or not to move: mobility decision-making in the context of welfare conditionality and paid employment, Mobilities, DOI: 10.1080/17450101.2019.1611016

Ghafournia, N., & Easteal, P. (2019). Help-Seeking Experiences of Immigrant Domestic Violence Survivors in Australia: A Snapshot of Muslim Survivors. Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Farrugia, D. (2019). How youth become workers: Identity, inequality and the post-Fordist selfJournal of Sociology.

Kim, D., Graham, T., Wan, Z., & Rizoiu, M. A. (2019). Analysing user identity via time-sensitive semantic edit distance (t-SED): a case study of Russian trolls on Twitter. Journal of Computational Social Science, 1-21.

Stone M, Kokanovic R, Callard F & Broom A. (2019)  Estranged relations: coercion and care in narratives of supported decision-making in mental healthcare.  Medical  Humanities. doi:10.1136/ medhum-2018-011521. Note, now available free online.

Mogensen, L, Hu, W. 2019. “A doctor who really knows…”: a survey of community perspectives on medical students and practitioners with disability. BMC Medical Education, 19:288. URL:,  now available free online.

Sarah MacLean, Jakob Demant & Robin Room (2019) Who or what do young adults hold responsible for men’s drunken violence? International Journal of Drug Policy.

Sarah Maslen & Deborah Lupton (2019) ‘Keeping It Real’: Women’s Enactments of Lay Health Knowledges and Expertise on FacebookSociology of Health & Illness.

Maylea, C. Alvarez-Vasquez, S., Dale, M., Hill, N., Johnson, B., Martin, J., Thomas, S. & Weller, P. (accepted, Feb 2019) The need for independent advocacy for people subject to mental health community treatment orders. International Journal of Law & Psychiatry, 66: 10.1016/j.ijlp.2019.101452.

Steven Roche (2019) A scoping review of children’s experiences of residential care settings in the global SouthChildren and Youth Services Review.

Jae-Eun Noh(2019). The Nexus of a human rights-based approach and microfinance. Development in Practice. (DOI: 10.1080/09614524.2019.1646705)

Helen Forbes-Mewett & Madeleine Pape (2019) Social Capital and the U.S. College Experiences of International Student-Athletes and Non-Athletes. Journal of International Students. 

McGowan, Jasmine & Elliott, Karla (2019) ‘Targeted violence perpetrated against women with disability by neighbours and community members’, Women’s Studies International Forum, DOI: 10.1016/j/wsif.2019.102270. Note, there is 50 days free access via

Archana Voola (2019) Gendered vulnerabilities in Australian microfinanceSocial Business. 

King, O., Davis, C., Clemans, A., Coles, J., Crampton, P., Jacobs, N., McKeown, T., Morphet, J., Seear, K. & Rees, C. (2019). Dignity during work-integrated learning: what does it mean for supervisors and students? Studies in Higher Education,

Brömdal, A., Clark, K., Hughto, J. W., Debattista, J., Phillips, T., Mullens, A., Gow, J., & Daken, K. (2019). Whole-incarceration-setting approaches to supporting and upholding the rights and health of incarcerated transgender people. The International Journal of Transgenderism. DOI:10.1080/15532739.2019.1651684.

Brömdal, A., Mullens, A., Phillips, T., & Gow, J. (2019) Experiences of Transgender Prisoners and their Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Regarding Sexual Behaviours and HIV/STIs: A Systematic Review. International Journal of Transgenderism. 20(1), 4-20. DOI:10.1080/15532739.2018.1538838.


Kheradyar, A & Couch, D (2019). Our Hazara communities: health and health service experiences. Murray PHN, Bendigo.