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August wrap-up: Books / Book Chapters/Reviews by TASA members

Zinn, Jens O. 2020: The UK ‘at Risk’. A Corpus Approach to Historical Social Change 1785–2009, Cham: Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan






Catherine Koerner & Soma Pillay (2019) Governance and Multiculturalism: The White Elephant of Social Construction and Cultural IdentitiesSpringer. 








Catherine Waldby (2019) The Oocyte Economy:
The Changing Meaning of Human
Eggs. Duke University Press. 








Book Chapters

Coll, L., van Leent, L. & Brömdal. A. (2019). Memoirs and manifestos for early career researchers in gender and sexuality studies in education. In Jones, T., Coll, L., van Leent, L. & Taylor, Y., (Eds). Uplifting Careers in Gender & Sexuality in Education (pp. 279-302). Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave MacMillan. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-24205-3.

Book Reviews

Sarah Callahan (2019), Book Review: Jayne Osgood and Kerry H. Robinson, Feminists Researching Gendered Childhoods: Generative Entanglements. Journal of Sociology.  

Yu, Y. (2019). Book Review: Sonya Michel and Ito Peng (eds), Gender, Migration, and the Work of Care: A Multi-scalar Approach to the Pacific Rim. Journal of Sociology, 55(3), NP3–NP5.