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List/Timeline of Editors of JoS, HSR and Nexus

List/timeline of editors of the Journal of Sociology (JOS) – and its predecessor the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology (ANZJS)
 2021-2024 Helen Forbes-Mewett (Editor in Chief) Monash University, JaneMaree Maher, Monash University, Neil Selwyn, Monash University, Bronwyn Carlson, Macquarie University, Yolande Strengers, Monash University, Brady Robards, Monash University, Nicholas Hookway, University of Tasmania, Naomi Pfitzner, Monash University, Charishma Ratnam, Monash University (Book Review Editor), Claire Tanner, Monash University
2017-2020 Steve Matthewman & Kate Huppatz (Editors in Chief),Sky Hugman (Managing Editor),Catriona Elder,Robert van Krieken,Steven Ratuva,Joshua Roose,Maggie Walter,Robert Webb &Holly Thorpe (Editors) and Hannah McCann (Book Review Editor).
2013–2016 Alphia Possamai-Inesedy (Editor in Chief),Alex Norman (Managing Editor), Rebecca Olson, Kerry Robinson, David Rowe, Deborah Stevenson, Bryan Turner
2009-2012 Russell Brennan (Managing Editor), Malcolm Alexander, Sarah Baker, Simone Fullagar, Margaret Gibson, Suzanne Goopy, Georgina Murray, Ian Woodward
2005–2008 Peter Corrigan, Margaret Gibson, David Plummer, John Scott and Steve Thiele
2001–2004 Bill Martin, Sharyn Roach Anleu and Maria Zadoroznyj
1997–2000[ii] Barbara Adkins, Malcolm Alexander, Paul Boreham, MichaelEmmison, Gavin Kendall and Jake Najman
1993–1997 Stephen Crook, Jan Pakulski and Malcolm Waters
1990–1992 Barry Hindess and Frank L. Jones
1989 Gisela Kaplan, Paul Boreham and John Western
1986–1988 David de Vaus, Ken Dempsey and Yoshio Sugimoto
1982–1985 Stewart Clegg and John Western
1979–1981 Bettina Cass and Alex Kondos
1977–1978 Kevin Clements and Bob Gidlow
1976 Kevin Clements, Bob Gidlow and Peter Davis
1975 Kevin Clements and Peter Davis
1973–1975 Lois Bryson
1970–1972 Frank L. Jones
1969–1970 Jerzy Zubrzycki
1968–1969 Don S. Anderson (Acting Editor)
1965–1968 Jerzy Zubrzycki

List/timeline of editors of Health Sociology Review and its predecessor the Annual Review of Health Social Sciences

 2019 - 2022 Editors-in-Chief: Karen Willis - La Trobe University, Australia
Sarah MacLean - La Trobe University, Australia

Associate Editors:
Katherine Carroll - Australian National University, Australia
Brendan Churchill - University of Melbourne, Australia
Fernando De Maio - DePaul University, USA
Jacinthe Flore - RMIT University, Australia
Luke Gahan - La Trobe University, Australia
Kim McLeod - University of Tasmania, Australia (Book Review Editor)
Anthony K J Smith - University of New South Wales, Australia
Megan Williams - University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Advisors: Christy Newman & Joanne Bryant.
2015 – 2018 Editors-in-Chief: Joanne Bryant & Christy Newman
Associate Editors:Peter Nugus &Fernando de Maio
Special Editorial Advisors:Fran Collyer&Peter Aggleton
Book Review Editor:Sarah Maclean
2013 – 2014 Julie Henderson (Coordinating Editor), Paul Bissell, Paul Ward, Eileen Willis, Samantha Meyer, Lana Zannettino (Co-Editors), Louise Roberts (Book Review Editor)
2012 Julie Henderson (Coordinating Editor), Paul Bissell, Paul Ward, Eileen Willis, Samantha Meyer, Lana Zannettino (Co-Editors), Louise Roberts (Book Review Editor)
2010-2011 Eileen Willis (Coordinating Editor), Paul Bissell, Julie Henderson, Fiona Verity, Paul Ward (Co-Editors), Samantha Meyer (Book Review Editor)
2008-2009 Fran Collyer (Editor in Chief), Jane Edwards, Peter Gale, Simon Kitto, Pauline Savy (Editors), Dorothy Broom (Book Editor)
2007 Fran Collyer (Editor in Chief), Jane Edwards, Peter Gale (Editors), Dorothy Broom (Book Editor)
2006 Fran Collyer and Toni Schofield (Editors), Dorothy Broom (Book Editor)
2005 Fran Collyer and Toni Schofield
2004 (issue 2) Fran Collyer and Toni Schofield
2004 (issue 1) Jane Shoebridge and Eileen Willis
2001–2003 Jane Shoebridge and Eileen Willis
2000[iii] Jane Shoebridge and Eileen Willis
1999 Jeanne Daly, Allan Kellehear and Eileen Willis
1998 Jeanne Daly, Allan Kellehear and Jane Shoebridge
1997 Alan Petersen
1995 –1996 Stephanie Short
1993-1994 Bryan S. Turner, Liz Eckermann, Derek Colquhoun and Pat Crotty
1992 Jeanne Daly, Allan Kellehear and Evan Willis
1991 Jeanne Daly and Allan Kellehear

List/Timeline of editors of Nexus Newsletter

2018 Eileen Clark, Alexia Maddox & Peter Robinson
2017 Eileen Clark, Alexia Maddox & Peter Robinson
2016 Eileen Clark & Alexia Maddox
2016 Sue Malta
2014 – 2015 Sue Malta & Christopher Baker
2012-2013 Kirsten Harley and Nick Osbaldiston
2011-2012 Nick Osbaldiston and Peta Cook
2010 Brad West and Priscilla Dunk-West
2009 Christopher Fox
2005–2008 Janet Grice
2002–2004 Daphne Habibis (Editor-in-chief), Glenda Jones and Kris Natalier
1998–2001 Gayle Jennings
1996–1997 Janeen Baxter
1995 Janeen Baxter and Toni Makkai
1994 Toni Makkai and Janeen Baxter
1991–1993 Katy Richmond
1988–1990[iv] Neil Britton, Rosemary Cant, Varoe Legge and Kate O’Loughlin
1985–1987 Simon Petrie
1982–1984 Bruce Wilson and Johanna Wyn
1980–1981 Dick Grozier
1979–1980 Kate Gillen
1979 Anna Yeatman
1974–1978 The inaugural editors ofNexus: the SAANZ Newsletterwere Kevin PaulClements and Edward Douglas of Canterbury and Waikato Universities.

[i] The names of editors for JoS and Nexus for the years 1974-2008 were sourced from Germov, J. and McGee, T.R. (2005) ‘Australian Sociology: Recent Trends and Prospects’ in: Germov, J. and McGee, T.R. (eds) Histories of Australian Sociology Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, pp. 355-85. The names of the editors of the Health Sociology Review were compiled from the hard copy journals.

[ii] In 1998 there was a change of name for the journal from the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology to the Journal of Sociology.

[iii] From 2001, volume 10, issue 2, the journal was published under the new name of the Health Sociology Review. Prior to this time it was the Annual Review of Health Social Sciences.

[iv] In 1989 the name of Nexus: the SAANZ Newsletter was changed to Nexus: the TASA Newsletter.

Kate Huppatz (L) and Steve Matthewman (R) congratulating Michelle Peterie on being the 2018 JoS Best Paper Award winner for Docility and Desert: government discourses of compassion in Australia’s asylum seeker debate

TASA History