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Critical Disability Studies Thematic Group

Social Sciences Week: High School Competition


Online Writing and Art Competition
Inclusion is!



“Sociology and Disability Justice: Participation, Respect, and Celebration.”

Entries open August 9th and close October 10th 2021


All Australian high school students in senior years are invited to participate.

You are invited to enter a written piece or a visual artwork that examines issues of disability injustice, exclusion and discrimination using a sociological lens.

Your written or artistic work should show the issue/s you are identifying as well as what needs to change to promote justice, inclusion, and participation of people with disability.

To get you thinking - Sociology is the study of:

  • human life and behaviour,
  • how societies are organised and function,
  • how some people are treated differently, and/or
  • why some people are unable to achieve things in society that others have access to.

The Competition

  • Visual artworks can be a drawing, painting, mixed media, photograph, video, three- dimensional sculpture or other artistic representation.
  • Written submissions can be stories, poems, essays, songs or another original written work up to 600 words in length.
  • We encourage the submission of diverse expression at various levels of expertise and form.
  • Your writing or artwork must be submitted in a digital version using the online submission form. All submissions will be publicly viewable online.
  • Entry is free.
  • Prize packs for winners in each state and territory include:

- Student membership of The Australian Sociology Association
- A $120 gift voucher for Officeworks and
- A copy of the book “Growing up Disabled in Australia

  • The overall people’s choice winner will also receive an iPad.

To help you prepare your written or artistic work, resources and more information on how to enter the competition are available via the green accordion sections below:

Accordion Widget
Competition Video Resources
Competition Video Resources



Disability Studies




Achieving justice for disabled people


Individual medical models versus social models






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Competition Guidelines
Competition Guidelines
  1. Information on how to enter and prizes form part of the Terms and Conditions. Entry into this competition deems acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. To the extent of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any other reference to this competition, these Terms and Conditions prevail.
Terms and Conditions

Who can enter? What can be entered?
  • The Competition is open to students in Australia in all schools in Years 10 to 12. Entries are based on the student’s school year for 2021.
  • Students with disability can be supported to produce their original artwork or written submission
  • Written submissions must be no more than 600 words in length and be typed in English with double-spacing. The submission title must appear on the first page. To ensure judging is anonymous, the author’s name must not appear in the text.
  • Artwork submissions can be a Video clip, or made from any traditional media, including pastel, oil pastels, pen, pencil, charcoal, acrylics, watercolour, oils, mixed media, collage, or any other materials e.g., sticks, bottle tops, ceramics. Artwork needs to be submitted in an image format.
  • Written and artistic work must be the student’s original creation.
Entry submission

Entry submission opens on August 9th. 
  • Written submissions must be in Microsoft Word format.
  • Artwork entries must be images of high quality, minimum 300 pixels, and video clips should not exceed 3 minutes.
  • The attachment file name must be the Student’s name, age and the School name.
  • Only one submission is possible per student in either the written or artwork categories.
  • The Critical Disability Studies (CDS) Thematic Group of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) reserves the right to deny any entry that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions, or any entry that is deemed offensive or inappropriate.
  • Entrants aged under 18 years must have parental/carer consent before submitting their entry. By entering, the organisers assume parental/carer consent has been sought and the parent/carer agrees with the Terms and Conditions.
  • Panellists will be appointed by the Competition Committee to select winners for each state and territory.
  • A peoples’ choice online vote will determine the overall winner.
  • The judges’ rulings are final and without appeal in all matters related to this Competition and the awarding of the Prizes.
  • The prize winners will be advised of their success once the judging has been completed.
  • The winners of the competition will be publicly announced at the launch of the Virtual Exhibition during TASA Thematic Week, an online event scheduled for November 22nd-26th 2021. The awards will be presented by the CDS panel judges in a nominated session in that week.
  • The names and titles of the written works and artworks of the winners will be published the Inclusion is! Writing and Online Art Competition 2021 webpage.
  • All entrants will receive a certificate of participation issued by The Australian Sociological Association (TASA)

Display and Publication of Artworks
  • By entering the competition, you agree to have a digital version of your artwork displayed in an online exhibition and artworks will also be promoted via social media and during TASA Thematic Week; an online event scheduled for November 22nd-26th, 2021.
  • The Competition Organiser reserves the right to crop artwork for online display, if required. Every effort will be taken to ensure consistency of appearance of artwork.
  • The Organiser can publish or decline to publish, or use or decline to use, any submitted artwork at its sole discretion.
  • Artists will be credited in any reproduction of artworks.

Publication of Written Work
  • The Organiser can publish or decline to publish, or use or decline to use, any submitted written work at its sole discretion.
  • Authors will be credited in any reproduction of written work.
  • By entering in the competition, authors agree to have the written work reproduced online and promoted via social media and during TASA Thematic Week; an online event scheduled for November 22nd-26th, 2021.

Limitation of Liability
  • The Competition Organiser reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, cancel or suspend this Competition or any part of it should external circumstances arise which are beyond the reasonable control of the Competition Organiser.
  • The Competition Organiser is not responsible for any errors or omissions in printing or advertising this Competition. This Competition will run in accordance with these Competition Rules, subject to amendment by the Competition Organiser.
  • The Competition organiser assumes no responsibility for misdirected entries, or for any problems or technical malfunction or any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, software failure or any entry to be received or transmitted, congestion on the internet or at any website, or any combination thereof including any injury or damage to an entrants or any other person’s computer related to or resulting from using or downloading any material in the Competition.

Privacy Policy
  • The Competition Organiser is committed to a strict privacy policy. It will not share any personal data about entrants with any other party, without the consent of the individual, parent/carer, teacher, program manager or guardian.
  • The Competition Organiser collects personal information for the purposes of registration, program evaluation and to keep you informed about the Competition.
  • The Competition Organiser may also contact you from time to time with information about future events if you provide explicit permission as indicated on the entry form.

By entering the Competition, the entrant agrees to comply with these rules / terms and conditions and to be bound by them.

All inquiries related to the competition should be emailed to

This competition has been created by the Critical Disability Studies Thematic Group of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA).


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