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Date: 2/12/2020
Subject: TASA Members' Newsletter February 13
From: TASA

Dear ~~first_name~~,
The March issue of the Journal of Sociology is due out soon. For more details, please see the JoS section of this newsletter.
We'd also like to highlight the February 17 nomination deadline for the ISA 2022 Local Organising Committee. Details about the portfolios, as well as the nomination form, are available via this link. Note, after clicking on the link, you will need to login to view the details and to nominate. Please contact Sally in TASA Admin if you are not able to access the information. 
In other news, we're happy to announce that there is a pool of TASA funding - $3500 - that any TASA member can apply for,  for 2020 Social Sciences Week (SSW) events. An email with the full details will be disseminated tomorrow. In the meantime, please note in your calendar 7 - 13 September as the dates for SSW 2020.
Members' Publications


Hill, N. Brinkmann, S. and Petersen, A. (eds) (2020) Critical Happiness Studies. London: Routledge.

Critical Happiness Studies
This volume draws together the work of a diverse range of thinkers and researchers to address the question of happiness critically, using a wide variety of theoretical and empirical methodologies. Broadening the discussion beyond what might be considered highly individual and insular conceptualizations of happiness, often based on purely positivist approaches to the subject, authors raise questions about the nature of individual and collective anxieties that might underpin the current emphasis on happiness and the ideological or governmental ends that may be served by the framing of happiness in psychology and economics. With attention to how individuals understand and pursue happiness in their daily lives, Critical Happiness Studies highlights different theoretical paradigms that demonstrate the role of power in producing specific conceptualizations of happiness and, consequently, how they frame individual self-understanding or subjectivities and (re)shape political problems. Read on...
Note, a 20% discount is available; see the Flyer.

Sam Han. 2019. (Inter)Facing Death: Life in Global Uncertainty. Abingdon, Oxon and New York: Routledge.

(Inter)Facing Death
In modern times, death is understood to have undergone a transformation not unlike religion. Whereas in the past it was out in the open, it now resides mostly in specialized spaces of sequestration—funeral homes, hospitals and other medical facilities. A mainstay in so-called traditional societies in the form of ritual practices, death was usually messy but meaningful, with the questions of what happens to the dead or where they go lying at the heart of traditional culture and religion. In modernity, however, we are said to have effectively sanitized it, embalmed it and packaged it—but it seems that death is back. In the current era marked by economic, political and social uncertainty, we see it on television, on the Internet; we see it almost everywhere. (Inter)Facing Death analyzes the nexus of death and digital culture in the contemporary moment in the context of recent developments in social, cultural and political theory. It argues that death today can be thought of as "interfaced," that is mediated and expressed, in various aspects of contemporary life rather than put to the side or overcome, as many narratives of modernity have suggested. Read on...
Note, a 20% discount is available; see the Flyer

Book Chapters

Hill, N. Brinkmann, S. and Petersen, A. (2020) Critical happiness studies: an invitation. In N. Hill, S. Brinkmann and A. Petersen (eds) Critical Happiness Studies. London: Routledge.

Hill, N. (2020) ‘It’s the soul that needs the surgery’? The social life of (un)happiness. In N. Hill, S. Brinkmann and A. Petersen (eds) Critical Happiness Studies. London: Routledge.

Book Reviews

Adele Pavlidis (2020) Data Selves, Health Sociology Review, DOI: 10.1080/14461242.2020.1718299

Journal Articles

Berman, Naomi and Platania-Phung, Chris (2020), Broadcasting the Bieber Republic: A critical analysis of "#thatPOWER". Journal of Communication Inquiry. doi: 10.1177/0196859920901328
Berman, N. (2020). A critical examination of informal learning spaces. Higher Education Research and Development, 39(1),
Clarke, A., Cheshire, L. and Parsell, C. (2020). Bureaucratic encounters “after neoliberalism”: Examining the supportive turn in social housing gover. British Journal of Sociology. DOI: 10.1111/1468-4446.12740
Poynting, S. (2020) ‘“Islamophobia Kills”. But where does it come from?’ International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, forthcoming 9, 2, June, Online First:
Newman, C.E., Prankumar, S. K., Cover, R., Rasmussen, M., Marshall, D., Aggleton, P. (2020) Inclusive health care for LGBTQ+ youth: support, belonging and inclusivity labour. Published online in Critical Public Health on 12 January 2020.
Alex Broom, Katherine Kenny, Barbara Prainsack & Jennifer Broom (2020) Antimicrobial resistance as a problem of values? Views from three continents, Critical Public Health, DOI: 10.1080/09581596.2020.1725444
Kanai, A. & Dobson, A. (2020). Making do on not much: High energy striving, femininity and friendship in Broad City. Culture Unbound, 11 (3-4), 517–533.

Informed News & Analysis

Meredith Nash & Robyn Moore (February 11, 2020) ‘Death by a thousand cuts’: women of colour in science face a subtly hostile work environment. The Conversation.
John Hawkins & Michael Walsh (February 10, 2020) BTS are winning hearts the world over – but we are still wary of language diversityThe Conversation.
Alan Morris, Hal Pawson & Kath Hulse (February 10, 2020) ‘I wouldn’t want to buy even if I had the money.’ The rise of renters by choice. The Conversation. 
Catherine Gomes & Shanton Chang (February 7, 2020) 3 ways the coronavirus outbreak will affect international students and how unis can help. The Conversation.


James Arvanitakis, Jason McConnell, Alphia Possamai-Inesedy (February 8, 2020) The challenge of free speech. Open Forum. 
Deborah Lupton (February 6, 2020) Vitalities Lab Newsletter Number 7This Sociological Life


Dan Woodman (February 13, 2020) Talking Manners. Sammy J, ABC Melbourne (1:50 mark). 
A warm congratulations is extended to Alphia Possamai-Inesedy who has been promoted to Professor and Shanthi Robertson who has been promoted to Associate Professor. 
We also extend our congratulations to Karen SoldaticShanthi Robertson for their recent linkage grant success to investigate how future Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments and policy can ensure economic, social and cultural inclusion for Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds who are living with disabilities.
Shanthi Robertson was also successful in securing a New Discovery grant: Civic Sinoburbia? New Chinese migrants and everyday citizenship in Sydney.
Member seeking a Visiting Fellowship
TASA member Bircan Ciytak is a third-year Ph.D. student at the School of Social Policy, University of Birmingham, UK. Bircan's supervisors are Professor Nando Sigona and Dr. Lisa Goodson. Bircan's research focuses on Turkish migrants in Germany and aims is to identify what factors shape the 3rd generation Turkish Migrants’ sense of belonging and identity and to ascertain the role of diaspora institutions, thus the political shift in Turkey. The results will present factors that have an impact on belonging and identity of migrants, highlight the role of political emotions, demonstrate possible causal links between belonging and identity, and the role of diaspora institutions.
Bircan is seeking a visiting fellowship in Australia.
Please contact Sally in TASA Admin if you have or know of any opportunities for Bircan. 
TASA 2020
Awards 2020

Book Awards - call for nominations

Stephen Crook Memorial Prize

This book Prize was established to honour the memory of Professor Stephen Crook in recognition of his significant contribution to Australian sociology. The 2020 Prize covers books published in 2018 or 2019, as indicated by the publication date in front matter (please double check this as sometimes this date is different to the date your book was released/published). The full details are the prize are available on TASAweb. The nomination form can be accessed here. Nominations will close on March 1, 2020.

Raewyn Connell Prize

This book Prize was established to honour the work of Professor Raewyn Connell in recognition of her outstanding contribution to Australian Sociology.  The 2020 Prize will cover books published in 2018 or 2019, as indicated by the publication date in front matter (please double check this as sometimes this date is different to the date your book was released/published). The full details are the prize are available on TASAweb. The nomination form can be accessed here. Nominations will close on March 1, 2020.

Service Awards - call for nominations

Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology Award

This award is made to a TASA member who has demonstrated outstanding, significant and sustained service to Australian sociology over many years. 
Nominations close May 31st. For the full details, please see the prize page on TASAweb here.

Outstanding Service to TASA Award 

This honour is accorded to a TASA member who has demonstrated an outstanding level of participation in and promotion of TASA over a number of years.
Nominations close May 31st. For the full details, please see the prize page on TASAweb here.
TASA Publications

Journal of Sociology

The March issue of the Journal of Sociology features timely articles on nationalism, populism and racism (and their frequently ignored connections to colonialism). “Asylum Seekers in the Global Context of Xenophobia” is edited by Professors Scott Poynting and Linda Briskman. It draws on cases from Afghanistan, Australia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Palestine and the “United” Kingdom. The contributions examine: Australia as a nation that tortures refugees, social theories of xenophobia towards asylum seekers, asylum seeker narratives in Britain, asylum seeker detention in Britain and France, racism and sexism in the German refugee debate, Palestinian refugees, the People’s Inquiry into Detention, and Afghan cultural production as a means to challenge Islamophobic stereotypes. Some of the articles are already available Online First. 
  1. a call for expressions of interest to guest edit the 2022 special issue; and 
  2. a call for expressions of interest for the JoS editorial team for 2021 - 2024. 
You can sign up for New Content alerts for Journal of Sociology and receive an alert for the latest full issue as well as when new articles are published online? See here. 

Health Sociology Review

2021 Special Issue - call for papers  
Towards a Global Sociology of Trans and Gender Diverse Health.
After years of advocacy for improved recognition and action, the health and well-being of trans and gender diverse people is receiving overdue attention. In some parts of the world, gender-affirming care is made available in forms which explicitly support a diverse range of gender identities, service preferences and affirmation goals. However, good quality models of care are unevenly available and face a range of threats, creating heightened uncertainty for those who need to access them.
The aim of this special issue is to enhance knowledge on what supports and complicates the provision of health care and support for trans and gender diverse people across different parts of the world.
Full paper submissions are due: 15 June 2020. Please email Christy Newman at to indicate your interest and to access the 'Intention to submit' document, which we ask all prospective authors to complete as soon as possible. Read on...


In case you missed it, you can catch up on the final 2019 Nexus issue via TASAweb on the Emailing page (scroll down to Nexus).  

Jobs Board

The Jobs Board enables you to view current employment opportunities. As a member, you can post opportunities to the Jobs Board directly from within your membership profile screen. 
Current Employment Opportunities
PhD Scholarships

Scholarships Board

The Scholarships Board enables you to view available scholarships that our members have posted. Like the Jobs Board, as a member, you can post scholarship opportunities directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Scholarship Opportunities
Other Events, News & Opportunities


New Call for Abstracts: Universal Basic Income and the Organisation of Work
The Sociology of Work, Labour and Economy Thematic Group Conveners are inviting sociologists and broader social and political scientists to submit abstracts for a special panel on ‘Basic Income and the Organisation of Work’, to be presented at the Basic Income Earth Network’s 2020 conference (BIEN2020) and also at The Australian Sociological Association’s 2020 conference (TASA2020). These events, which are two months apart from each other, will form developmental workshops to develop research papers for a special issue of a scholarly journal, focussed on ‘Universal Basic Income and the Organisation of Work’. Read on...
Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) Congress
International Congress: Basic income, the ecological crisis and a new age of automation
September 28th – 30th, Brisbane, Australia (UQ / QUT)
Submission deadline (extended): February 28. Read on...
Law and Digital Society: Re-Imagining the Futures
Research Committee for the Sociology of Law
Lund/Sweden, 24-26 of August
Submission deadline: March 15. Read on...
Australia as a Risk Society: Hope and Fears of the Past, the Present and the Future
European Association for Studies of Australia
13-16 October, University of Naples “L’Orientale”, Italy
Submission deadline: February 15. Read on...
Social Boundaries of Work. Politics and ideologies of work
Polish Sociological Association
Warsaw, 28-29 October 
Submission deadline: April 30. Read on...


New: Memories: an artistic and scientific exploration of how we connect, communicate, grow and share
Exhibition Opening Night. Friday 21 February, 5.30 at Academy Gallery
2-4 Invermay Road, Invermay, Tasmania
Curated by Dr. Malcom Bywaters and Dr. Peta Cook
(On show 24 February - 27 March)

RC33 Best Paper Awards

Call for Applications for the 1st RC33 Awards for Best Papers
The Board of RC33 is pleased to announce the introduction of two awards for best social science papers! These two awards will highlight excellent published work by RC33 members. Winning articles will each be awarded a prize of 300 €. The awards will be presented at the 10th RC33 Conference in Nicosia, Cyprus taking place 8th-11th September, 2020.
Application deadline: March 31. Read on...


New: Drawing fear of difference: race, gender, and national identity in Ms. Marvel comics
Deakin University’s next ‘First Fridays’ Gender and Sexuality Studies seminar will be held on 6 March at Deakin Downtown (at 727 Collins St, near Southern Cross Station). Read on...


New: Housing Theory Symposium
Housing, care and relationality under neoliberalism
University of Tasmania, Hobart, 11-12 June
Abstract submission deadline: March 1. Read on... 

Vitalities Lab blog launched

The VLab team is very excited to have launched their new blog. They will publish news about our events and activities and stories about their research on the blog. You can sign up for updates here.


New: 'Moving Data' - movement methods workshop
Vitalities Lab, Tuesday 10th March, 10:30am - 12:00pm, UNSW, Sydney
Registration deadline: 6th March 2020. Spaces are limited. Read on...
New: Decolonizing Visual Methods with Displaced and Refugee Youth
Vitalities Lab, Monday 9th March, 10:30am, UNSW, Sydney. Read on...


Indigenous and Intercultural Research: Issues, Ethics, and Methods 
Learn practical tips for designing and conducting research across cultures. In particular, they speakers will explore issues, ethics, and methods for researchers to consider when studying formerly colonized societies, indigenous people, or historically oppressed communities. Panelists will include Dr. Bagele Chilisa, author of Indigenous Research Methodologies a University of Botswana Research and Evaluation Specialist, and Dr. Deborah McGregor, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Environmental Justice at York University in Toronto.
February 27, 6pm UTC. Read on...
TASA Documents and Policies
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