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The cost of a TASA Student Membership has remained fairly low for many years. TASA fees vary for High School, undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, see the Membership webpage for current rates. Students can join TASA and take advantage of several membership benefits. Join as a high school student and work up to undergraduate and then perhaps becoming a Postgraduate Portfolio Leader (Elections will be held mid 2018 for 2019-2020 executive positions.) Join as a postgraduate student and experience great networking opportunities at TASA’s annual conference.

The TASA Postgraduate website was launched in 2015 and is steadily growing. Be sure to visit the site and contribute a snap shot of your thesis.

There are separate category selections for High School , Undergraduate (including Honours) and Postgraduate students who reside in Australia or another category A country. If you’re joining TASA as a student member simply select the student category that you fall into and 1 year duration to make sure that you receive the student membership rate.

More information on becoming a TASA member can be found in the Membership Area.