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TASA Conference Scholarship for Sociology in Action

Applications for the 2019 round closed June 3rd, 2019.

This scholarship seeks to encourage the participation of sociologists working outside academe (in areas such as private industry, government and non-government organisations, and private contract and consultancy work) with The Australian Sociological Association (TASA). The TASA Executive would like to encourage non-academic members who have conducted applied research or written sociological papers on their work to apply for the scholarship.

The scholarship was introduced in 2008, with 3 recipients. There were no applicants in 2009. Winners of subsequent years are listed below

Note: Any changes to prize value, eligibility criteria and nomination/submission procedure are subject to TASA Executive approval.


  1. A complementary registration for the TASA Annual Conference, where the award ceremony will be held;
  2. A TASA Conference Scholarship for Sociology in Action certificate;
  3. A listing on the TASAweb ‘Recipients of TASA Conference Scholarship for Sociology in Action’.

Eligibility Criteria

Those eligible for consideration of the scholarship will meet the following criteria:

  • Current or recent employment or self-employment in an area such as private industry, government organisation, non-government organisation, private contract work, or consultancy work;
  • Applicants’ primary employment must be outside universities, academic research centres or joint industry-university centres;
  • Acceptance of a refereed conference abstract where the applicant is the first-named author. Preference will be given to applicants whose abstract is about their work outside academia;
  • Not previously a recipient of the award;
  • Current financial TASA members;
  • Agree to submit a brief profile of their work/career to be published in Nexus/TASA Blog, if awarded a scholarship.

The following Selection Criteria will be taken into consideration:

Significance of research to conference theme 25 points
Contribution research will make to Australian sociology 25 points
Location/distance from conference venue 20 points
Financial hardship and/or care responsibilities (where this impacts on capacity to pay for conference attendance) 20 points
Commitment to TASA (eg years of membership) 10 points



Application Procedure - nomination form

  • Nominations must be made on this offical nomination form.
  • Abstracts must be submitted to the refereed proceedings by the deadlines set by the Conference Local Organising Committee (LOC). Please make sure you double check this date on the TASA Conference website in case the deadline is brought forward.
  • Applications will be reviewed by TASA Executive sub-committee normally consisting of the Vice President (conference convenor) and the Postgraduate Portfolio Leader.
  • Up to three scholarships may be awarded each year
  • Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application with enough time for those nominees who were not successful to still register for the conference at the ‘Early Bird’ rate.
  • The decision of the review panel is final and no further discussions will be entered into
  • Successful applicants will have the payment of their conference registration made by the TASA Office in the year that the scholarship is awarded (ie. the funding is not transferable to future conferences).

Selection Panel

  • Selection panel will normally consist of the Vice President (conference convenor) and the Postgraduate Portfolio Leader.



Chris Brown: Resisting the Far-Right: Story-Based Strategy and Prefigurative Action




Chris Brown (left) with TASA President Dan Woodman


Catherine Robinson Precarious mobility: Highly vulnerable teens in Tasmania


Melanie Shier-Baker Transition from Care: How sociology informs practice when supporting young people with a disability to exit the care of child safety services.



Katie Hughes (TASA President) with recipient Jennifer Cheng











Katie Hughes, TASA President, with recipient Liudmila Kirpitchenko










Katie Hughes, TASA president, with recipient Eileen Clark









2014: No applications received

2013: No applications received

2012: Janice Ollerton










2011: Rock Chugg: Firstly, thank you to those at TASA for the marvellous scholarship and a great ongoing opportunity to showcase my research at conference level. Special thanks to Sally at the TASA Office, who suggested that I might have a chance, despite my initial scepticism. I have enjoyed being a TASA member since the 2002 national and international conferences in Brisbane (where I presented three papers). Following this initial appearance, I have delivered original research papers at every TASA Conference on a regular basis: several of these papers have already been published in peer reviewed journals, such as Continuum and Refractory (the remainder are under consideration or in the process of being written up for publication). I specialise in media sociology and excerpts from my research have also appeared in well-regarded literary and news media including Meanjin and The Green Left Weekly. My employment role with the Australian Bureau of Statistics has provides a vantage point for observing sociological issues outside academe, and I thank this dedicated ABS bunch for helping to hone my data coding skills. I am also hoping to re-enrol in a higher degree course, and thus further my research and training aspirations to contribute to the already impressive body of knowledge in the Australian sociology field. The TASA Scholarship will be a very valuable asset in attaining such goals. The winning paper on news media was a lot of fun to do and sported a self-reflexive dimension at the time, what with the live cattle export story affecting government policy; the unreported Afghan war poll story; and the media mogul scandal absorbing the media in itself at the time. The media tend to hand it to you on a plate at the worst of times, but this conjuncture was particularly ripe for the would-be ‘outside academe’ sociologist (so finally thanks to them).


2010 Recipients

  • Dr Dina Bowman
  • Dr Stephen Kerry


  • Charlotte Baines
  • Louise Holdsworth
  • Jennifer Sinclair