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2008 TASA Conference

Name of the Conference: The annual conference of The Australian Sociological Association
Dates of the Conference: 02 to 05 December 2008
Location of the Conference: The University of Melbourne, Victoria
Title of the Conference Proceedings: Reimagining Sociology
Publisher: Published by TASA
Compilation and Production: The University of Melbourne
Place of Publication: Melbourne, Australia
ISBN Number: 978-0-7340-3984-2

Editors: Majoribanks, T; Barraket, J; Chang, J-S; Dawson, A; Guillemin M; Henry-Waring, M; Kenyon, A; Kokanovic, R; Lewis, J; Lusher, D; Nolan, D; Pyett, P; Robins, R; Warr, D; Wyn J; (Eds)

Date of Publication: December 2008
Copyright: © Copyright remains with the authors

The papers in these conference proceedings are fully refereed papers subject to blind peer review. This procedure was designed to satisfy the conditions required by the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Belonging and Exclusion

The Fort-Da of insecurity
John Cash, University of Melbourne

Social marginality of a ‘community of need’: a case study of Bosnian refugees in a Perth public housing estate
Val Colic-Peisker, RMIT University

Impacts of an Employee Volunteering Program on employee attitudes in Australia

Christine Walker, Alliance Strategic Research; Arunachalam Dharmalingam, Monash University

The Anzac legend: A foundation myth
Jed Donoghue and Bruce Tranter, University of Tasmania

Women and housing: Making women’s experience visible

Louise Holdsworth, ARMHS

Belonging and exclusion: A study of older residents in a manufactured home village in Sydney

Alan Morris, University of New South Wales

Crime & Governance


Ned Kelly: Australian icon

Bruce Tranter and Jed Donoghue , University of Tasmania

Op till you drop: Youth, distinction and identify in vintage clothing

Kirsten Gladigau, Flinders University

‘Re-inventing’ the person: A non-Kantian approach to the self

Barbara Evers, Murdoch University

Re-imagining subcultures: Miasmic urbanity and networks of authenticity

Stephen Glackin, Murdoch University

I’ll be there for you – the meanings and consequences of 9/11 in Friends

Luke Howie, Monash University

Sacred nature and profane objects in seachange

Nicholas Osbaldiston, Queensland University of Technology – Humanities Program

“Yummy Mummies”: Angelina Jolie and early 21st century representations of motherhood

Nicola Pitt, Monash University

Pathways into policing – A gendered experience?

Barbara Stewart, Tasmanian Institute of Law Enfrocement Studies, University of Tasmania

Cosmoscapes and the promotion of uncosmopolitan values

Ian Woodward, Griffith University; Gavin Kendall, Queensland University of Technology; Zlatko Skrbis, University of Queensland

Towards a cultural sociology of whistleblowing

Katie Wright, The University of Melbourne

Environment and Society

A tale of two cities: Who has the cleanest drinking water, Melbourne or Sydney?

Angela Ragusa and Andrea Crampton, Charles Sturt University

The governmentalisation of the environment

Jo Goodie, Law School, Murdoch University

Metagovernance of participatory water reform in NSW

Jonathon Howard, Charles Sturt University

Checkmate: Why capitalism cannot survive global warming

Terry Leahy, University of Newcastle

The interface between the public, the politician and the professional planner in plan-making exercises

Crystal Legacy, University of Melbourne

The environment-labour relationship: New directions for sociological thinking and research

Helen Masterman-Smith, Charles State University; Drew Cottle, University of Western Sydney

The soul of the fisher

Sylvie Shaw, The University of Queensland

Environmental groups in Australia

Bruce Tranter, University of Tasmania

Global and Local

A qualitative study of slow food in Australia

John Germov and Lauren Williams, University of Newcastle


Social equity and population health: Cross-national evidence and policy implications

Salvatore Babones, The University of Sydney

Diabetes mellitus: Public health enemy no.1 or a crusade demonising people with the illness?

Barbara Buttfield, Flinders University

Trusting the experts, mistrusting birth: Women’s relationships with private obstetricians

Monica Campo, La Trobe

Sexual practice, the commercial internet and public health

Mark Davis, Monash University

Downsized costs of privatisation in the era of restructuring: Implications on individual health and well-being

Gil-Soo Han, Helena Phillips, Monash University

User reviews of medical practice and the consumption of health

Michael Hardey, Hull/York Medical School

Governing childhood obesity: Print media reporting of the regulation of fast food advertising 2006-2008

Julie Henderson, John Coveney, Paul Ward, Flinders University and Anne Taylor, SA Health

Applying Heideggarian Principles to young women with histories of familial breast cancer

Nicole Johnson, La Trobe University

Creating ambiguity, creating social change

Karen Lane, Deakin University

Working at the interface of research and practice: the value and challenges of community liason officer roles

Sarah MacLean, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre; Priscilla Pyett, The University of Melbourne; Deborah Warr, McCaughey Centre, VicHealth Centre for the Promotion of Mental Health and Community Wellbeing School, The University of Melbourne

The impact of individualization on pregnancy practices: The case of prenatal diagnosis

Alphia Possamai-Inesedy, University of Western Sydney

Recruitment and retention of rural GPs: The role of skill substitution and home and work balance

Chris Peterson LaTrobe University; Evan Willis, LaTrobe University

The complexity of social practice: Understanding inertia and change in maternity care organisations

Kerreen Reiger, LaTrobe University; Karen Lane, Deakin University; Toni Schofeild, Sydney University; Stephanie Short, University of Queensland

Sex work and health in a rural context: results of a qualitative study undertaken in NSW

John Scott, UNE; John Hunter, UNE; Vanessa Hunter, UNE; Angela Ragusa, CSU

Expanding Role of Clinical Sociology in Australia

Les Spencer, James Cook University

Gender and genetic risk: Exploring conceptualisation and interface in the health care context

Sandra Taylor, Central Queensland University

Failure to respect informal carers in the Australian health system: The highs and lows of social bonds

Claire Williams, Flinders University

Leisure, Tourism, Travel and Sport

Junior basketball and affirmation of Jewish female identity

Michael Burke and Christopher Hallinan, Victoria University

What is health and medical tourism?

Peta Cook, Queensland University of Technology

Professionalisation of an Organisation: An examination of the Savannah Guides Ecotourism Association

Wendy Hillman, Central Queensland University

The strength of strong ties: How women become supporters of Australian Rules Football

Peter Mewett and Kim Toffoletti, Deakin University

The animal other: Horse training in early modernity

Peter Mewett, Deakin University

Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism

‘I feel like I am working in hospitality as opposed to in a clinical environment’: British migrant nurses in the Australian health system

Gillian Abel, University of Western Australia

Housing pathways for African refugees in Australia: Towards an understanding of African refugee housing issues

Paul Atem and Lou Wilson, The University of South Australia

Human Smuggling Networks Operating Between Middle East and the EU: Evidence from Iranian, Iraqi and Afghani Migrants in the Netherlands

Basak Bilecen, University of Bielefeld

Second generation Australians and their aspirations: Do gender and ethnic background matter?

Rebecca Coates, Zlatko Skrbis, Mark Western, The University of Queensland

The Changing Spatial Distribution of Australia’s Vietnamese Communities

James Coughlan, James Cook University

Temporal variations in the spacial distribution of Australia’s Chinese communities

James Coughlan, James Cook University

Cultural maintenance and identity among members of the Druze Community in South Australia

Denice Daou and Giancarlo Chiro, The University of South Australia

Towards movement studies

Andrew Dawson, The University of Melbourne

Post-war governance and the making of supermodern ruralities: Some social and political consequences

Andrew Dawson, The University of Melbourne

A mixed-method approach to interpersonal trust research

Maria del Pilar Puerta Francos, University of Western Australia

Multiculturalism and visible migrants and refugees: Exploring the yawning gap between rhetoric and policy in Australia

Millsom Henry-Waring, The University of Melbourne

Adaption and resistance: Immigrant workers and learning

Steven Jordan, McGill University; Eric Shragge, Concordia; Aziz Choudry, McGill University; Jill Hanley, McGill University; Martha Steigman, Concordia

Multi-cultural places and the idea of home

Vince Marotta, Deakin University

Connecting skin colour consciousness with racism

Elizabeth Povey, University of Western Australia

Visits, visas and virtual relationships: An exploration of transnational child care experiences

Kylie Sait, Centre for Research on Social Inclusion, Macquarie University

An ‘Islamised Australian way of life’: Developing an Islamic social capital framework

Lauren Tolsma, Swinburne University

Internal migration in Cambodia-a case study of push-pull factors of migration into Phnom Penh

Marcia Walton, University of South Australia

New Discourses, New Pedagogies, New Identities


Cutting the cord: Universal paid maternity leave and the baby bonus in Australia

Marilyn Anderson, James Cook University

Sustainable development: Social outcomes of structural adjustments in a South Australian fishery

Kate Brooks, KAL Analysis Pty Ltd

Framing the citizen-consumer

Gwilym Croucher, The University of Melbourne

The social economy in Australia: A research agenda

Jo Barraket, University of Melbourne and Queensland University of Technology; Michael Crozier, The University of Melbourne

Who are the innovators inside government? The importance of networks

Mark Considine, Jenny Lewis and Damon Alexander, The University of Melbourne

Power and Inequality

Change in perceptions of inequality 1987-2005

Jenny Chesters and John Western, University of Queensland

Guardian-Spender Conflict and the Provision of International Student Support Services

Helen Forbes-Mewett, Monash University

Re-masculinising agricultural space: Men’s response to women’s farm networks

Barbara Pini, Curtin University of Technology


Theories of engagement: Religion on the public and political stage

Charlotte Baines, City of Monash

Multifaith movements in ultramodernity

Anna Halafoff, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University


Crossing boundaries: Local government amalgamations and inter-community relations in Buloke Shire

Damon Alexander, The University of Melbourne

‘Farmers’ markets in New Zealand: Commoditizing rural mythologies

Claudia Bell and Heather Beeston, University of Auckland

Women and mining in contemporary Australia: An exploratory study

Robyn Mayes and Barbara Pini, Curtin University

Rural community narratives of self-worth: The moral value of gender and class

Lia Bryant, University of South Australia and Barbara Pini, Curtin University

Science and Technology

University critical factors and high academic achievement

Heydar Janalizadeh Choobbasti, University of Mazandaran

The limits of community consultation in the governance of gene technology in Australia

Rosemary Robins, The University of Melbourne

Social Networks

Social capital resources and network embeddedness: An egonet approach

Malcolm Alexander, Daniel Chamberlain, Kerrilee Hollows, Karen Laughton and Cynthia Pitman, Griffith University

Generation Y in cyberspace: How do digital natives manage social stigma on MySpace?

Laura Collins, Monash University

The “grotesque body” in young women’s self presentation on My Space

Amy Dobson, Monash University

Forming and using networks in academia: disciplines and gender

Jenny Lewis, The University of Melbourne

Social Stratification

Housing affordability and its implications for social policy

Sadasivam Karuppannan, The University of South Australia

Locked out! Privacy, status, exclusionary practice and its implications for ethnographic research on luxury homes

Jessica Kops, University of Western Australia

Introducing the Australian Socioeconomic Index 2006

Julie McMillan, Australian National University; Frank Jones, University of Queensland; Adrian Beavis, The Australian Council for Educational Research

No class here! The disavowal of social class

John Pardy, Monash University

Sponsored mobility and educational attainment: An explanatory model of social mobility

Beibei Tang, Dept of Political and Social Change, RSPAS, Australian National University

Sociology as a Discipline

Playing whilst injured: more on phobosophy and philosophy

Mick Campion, Murdoch University

Working with veterinary scientists: social science contributions to ‘biosecurity’ research

Farida Fozdar, Murdoch University

Human documents research: From the diary to the blog

Nicholas Hookway, University of Tasmania

It takes two (sometimes)

Davina Lohm, Monash University

Sociology and the military

Steve Matthewman, University of Auckland; Aramiha Harwood, RMIT University

I can’t believe it’s not measurement: The legacy of operationism in social-scientific uses of numbers

George Matheson, University of Wollongong

In defence of the ‘New Qualitative Methods’: The Australian context

Alphia Possamai-Inesedy and Gabrielle Gwyther, University of Western Sydney

Breaking the silence: The role of emotional labour in qualitative research

Kate Seear and Kirsten McLean, Monash University

Towards an affirmative sociology: The role of hope in making a better world

Jennifer Sinclair, Monash University

Sociology after 9/11

Gary Wickham, Murdoch University

The currency of violence: Applying sociological knowledge to the modelling of political violence

Zuleyka Zevallos & Nectarios Kontoleon, DSTO

Sociology of Indigenous Issues

Sounds, Movement and Image

Journalism and defamation law: Contesting public speech

Andrew Kenyon and Tim Marjoribanks, The University of Melbourne

Tough luck! Reflections on respect in The Lucky Country

Greg Martin, University of Western Sydney

Sin City: An object lesson in colour

Karin Stokes, Central Queensland University

Work and Labour Studies