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Health Day

Day theme: Engaging theory in health sociology

Date: Monday the 28th November, 2011, Newcastle, Australia

Conveners: A/Prof Alex Broom (The University of Queensland) and Dr Fran Collyer (The University of Sydney)

Key questions for the day:

  • How do we balance theory and doing research that resonates with ‘real world’ contexts?
  • To what extent are health sociologists contributing to social theory more broadly?
  • What is ‘theoretical’ and what do journals view as theoretically sophisticated?
  • Is theory needed for something to be sociological (versus health or public health research)?
  • How useful is theory for clinicians, practitioners and patients?
  • How important is theory for getting research funding from the ARC/NHMRC and other bodies?
  • What theoretical ideas are emerging at present and why/how are they useful/limited?
  • What theoretical trends dominate in Australia, the UK, Europe and the US?

Plenary panel contributors:

Professor Alan Peterson (Professor of Sociology, Monash University)

Associate Professor Maria Zadoroznyj (Associate Professor of Sociology, The University of Queensland)

Professor Kevin Dew (Professor of Sociology, Victoria University, New Zealand)

Dr Mark Davis (Lecturer in Sociology, Monash University)

Professor Jon Adams (Professor of Public Health, University of Technology Sydney)

PhD Student (TBA)

International Plenary Panel Contributors:

Professor Steve Wainwright and Professor Clare Williams from Brunel (London)

Directors of the Centre for Biomedicine and Society at Brunel and Editors of the Sociology of Health and Illness.


Please click here to download the timetable

Post Health Day drinks to be held at the Conference Welcome Reception (6pm – 8pm), Clarendon Hotel