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Health Day






Day theme: Rethinking Health and Disability (Joint event, Health and Critical Disability Studies Thematic Groups)
Date: Monday the 26th November, 2012, Brisbane, Australia
Conveners: A/Prof Alex Broom (UQ), Dr Fran Collyer (USyd) and Dr Russell Shuttleworth (Deakin Uni)

Key themes for the day:
• The intersections of the sociology of health and illness and critical disability studies
• Constructing the disabled subject and (re) defining disability
• Facilitating dialogue between our different perspectives on health, illness and disability

10:00-10:15 Welcome and introduction [Alex Broom and Russell Shuttleworth]

Session One: ‘On the Intersection of Sociology and Critical Disability Studies’
Chair: Fran Collyer

10:15-11:15 Professor Gerard Goggin (University of Sydney)
Talk: Rethinking the Social with Health and Disability: From Troubled Relationships to Powerful Partnerships
11.15-11.30 Questions and discussion

11:30-12:15 Dr Karen Soldatic (University of New South Wales)
Talk: Navigating the murky divide of health, illness and disability in sociologies of welfare
12.15-12.30 Questions and discussion

12:30-1:30 Lunch

Session Two: ‘Rethinking Health and Disability’
Chair: Alex Broom

Speaker 1: Dr Anthony Hogan (Australian National University)
Talk: The social position of people with disability: moving beyond social inclusion to address governance, social policy and citizenship

Speaker 2: Professor Michael Fine (Macquarie University)
Talk: The body, ageing and care: Taking the disability critique seriously

Speaker 3: Dr Russell Shuttleworth (Deakin University)
Talk: When is an illness narrative not an illness narrative? When it’s a disability narrative?

3:30-3:45 Afternoon tea
3:45-4:45 Topic: Health Sociology Review: An Update
Speakers: The Editor and Fran Collyer

Post Health Day Drinks to the Conference Welcome Reception (6pm – 8pm), TBA

A copy of the program is available in Word (126kb) and Pdf (205kb)