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Sociology of Indigenous Issues

Aims and objectives:

The key aim of the sociology of Indigenous issues thematic group is to build and support the engagement of Australian sociology and sociologists with Indigenous social issues. To support this aim, the core objectives of the thematic group are to:

  • foster the development of existing and new sociological perspectives on Indigenous related issues
  • encourage and promote quality theoretical and empirical research across a broad range of Indigenous-related areas
  • provide a forum for communication and collaboration of sociologists working in the field
  • support the addition of sociological voices to contemporary and emerging social and political debates relating to Indigenous Australia

Year established:



Alexander Page, Sydney University (

Janine Gertz, James Cook University (Sep 3, 2018)

Naama Blatman-ThomasJames Cook University (Sep 3, 2018)

2012 overview

Hi everyone,

I hope that everyone who attended TASA have made it home safe and sound, and glad to have missed the 36 degree weather in Brisbane this week! This will be the last thematic group email for the year, and I just wanted to recap what we’ve done and invite people to think about what we have coming up.

First, in July this year we held a 2-day workshop called ‘Theorising an Indigenous Sociology: Developing Australian and International Perspectives’. Six of the papers from that workshop have been published online as refereed articles. Please read, cite, and circulate widely!

Second, instead of a meeting this year we had dinner. For those who need to claim the expense back, I have attached the receipt from the night. (For my university, this wasn’t enough and I had to complete a stat dec, but here you go anyways.) The dinner was a really lovely way to catch up, especially with our colleagues from across the Tasman! The dinner, and the conference more generally, was a huge success thanks to the participation of everyone who came along. The Sociology of Indigenous Issues stream had 5 refereed papers, 8 general papers, and 1 workshop on research ethics. There was also a Trans-Tasman plenary on Indigenous Inequality within the conference, with Barry Smith, Evan Poata-Smith, and Maggie Walter as presenters. And the conference was opened with a very moving welcome by Uncle Joe Kirk, a Turrbal elder, who spoke about his own experiences with inequality and racism. I think it is fair to say that Indigenous issues are becoming more important to Australian sociology more broadly.

In terms of the future, we have some exciting possibilities! Deirdre Howard-Wagner and Daphne Habibis have come on with me as co-convenors of the thematic group, so if you have any ideas or suggestions for activities you can talk to any of us. We are already thinking about another mid-year workshop. We would also like to invite sociologists from New Zealand to remain on our mailing list, as “Associates” of the Thematic Group rather than full members, so we can keep the conversations going outside the conference. If you would like to remain on the list, just send me a quick response to this message to let me know.

And of course, if any members have ideas for journal special issues, workshops, or public lectures, please let me or Deirdre or Daphne know. 2013 is the 50th anniversary of TASA/SAANZ, so it would be great to have some really public lectures and events to promote sociology and Indigenous issues.

Best wishes,

Annual reports

Group members

  • Angela Durey
  • Anne Bosio
  • Sarah MacLean
  • Karen Soldatic
  • Theresa L Petray
  • Eileen Willis
  • David McCallum
  • Kim Spurway
  • Peter Gale
  • Lucinda Aberdeen
  • Sarah Redshaw
  • Tristan Kennedy
  • Christine Tillig
  • Robyn Moore
  • Alex Page
  • Kim McLeod
  • Toni Schofield
  • Erin Carlisle
  • Christopher Mayes
  • Naama Blatman Thomas
  • Aqua Hastings
  • Paul Hills
  • Keith Noble
  • Mark Allen
  • Laura Dunstan
  • Jen Kwok
  • Chris Platania-Phung
  • Sophie Hickey
  • Justine Ackroyd
  • Robert Webb
  • Sophie Rudolph
  • Maggie Walter
  • Kieran Bradley
  • Deirdre Howard-Wagner
  • Mitchell Hibbens
  • Nyree Pisanu
  • Amy Thomas
  • David Pollock
  • Janine Gertz
  • Virginie Roseberg
  • Tina Fleming
  • Janet Watson
  • Corrie Leatham
  • Catherine Koerner
  • Gene Lim
  • Claire Akhbari
  • Isaac Eyalama
  • Zoe Staines
  • Marisela Velazquez
  • Selda Dagistanli
  • Susan Tilley
  • Ruby Wyker
  • Kellie King
  • Gupteswar Patel