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Sociology of Religion

Aims and Objectives:

A revitalisation of religions has occurred throughout the world at the beginning of the 21st Century. Religions have also played an increasingly prominent role in both creating and alleviating social problems. In response to these changes, sociology of religion in Australia has also been revitalised, particularly as scholars have examined the role of religion in promoting or countering risks such as terrorism and climate change. The role and diversity of religion and spirituality in Australia is moving in a number of different, and sometimes contradictory directions. The rise of fundamentalist and evangelical forms of religions contrasts with the increasingly secular multifaith character of Australian society. The increasing importance of religions linked with ethnic identities as a product of Asian and African migrations contrasts with the decline of traditional forms of Christianity. The dramatic rise of atheism and of those professing ‘no-religion’ in Australia contrasts with the growth of spiritualities and Pagan religions that celebrate experience and experimentation. The TASA sociology of religion thematic group seeks to create a community of Australian scholars to: analyse the role of religion in both Australian and global life; share our research findings; encourage the development of emerging scholars; strengthen the discipline of sociology of religion in Australia and to contribute to public policy where necessary.

Year Established:

July 2011


Rosemary Hancock (University of Notre Dame) and Alan Nixon (Western Sydney University): 12/16

2012: End Times or New Beginnings?

The Sociology of Religion Thematic Group’s Seminar
2012: End Times or New Beginnings?

State Library of Victoria – 29th May 2012, Melbourne
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Photos of the event can be viewed here.

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Group members:

  • Andrew Metcalfe
  • Adam Possamai
  • Farida Fozdar
  • Gil-Soo Han
  • Jason Prior
  • Marie Shepherd
  • Christopher Glasspool
  • Jack Barbalet
  • Marea Capell
  • David Radford
  • Mark McCrindle
  • Alphia Possamai-Inesedy
  • Nicole Stirling
  • Anna Halafoff
  • Gary Bouma
  • Naama Carlin
  • Jennifer Cheng
  • Alex Norman
  • Matthew Wade
  • Alan Nixon
  • Oznur Sahin
  • Clarissa Carden
  • Rhys Gower
  • Scott Doidge
  • Enqi Weng
  • Rosemary Hancock
  • Fadi Baghdadi
  • Heba Batainah
  • Danielle Kirby
  • David Fagg
  • Mohamed Wehby
  • Samantha Hauw
  • Brigid Trenerry
  • Pandanus Petter
  • Juliet Beattie
  • Virginie Roseberg
  • Susan Carland
  • Saikat Biswas
  • Charmaine Lim
  • Angelique Stefanopoulos
  • Monika Schofield
  • Susan Banki